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Orientation for Philippines Mission's Outreach 2018

Download 2018 Details:

Dates: July 6-22, 2018

Place: Bacolod and Dumaguete- Negros, Philippines


Cost: $2,8000.00 - $3,000.00**

** Cost variance is due to the time at which you are able to pay your international ticket as international tickets increase in price the later they are booked.


1. Current email and/or cell phone for communications.

2. Non-refundable $100.00 Deposit.

3. Application, Health Form, Liability and Medical Release Forms, Team Outreach Guidelines.

(No International Ticket will be purchased for you until all paperwork has been turned in directly to the administration office at 1475 Kelly Park Circle, Morgan Hill, California 95037. You will receive a confirmation email upon receipt of your paperwork.)

4. Attend an outreach orientation or view upcoming orientation video

5. Attend in person, by Skype or per cell phone the Outreach Training Seminar or comparable training video on our website and turn in a completion questionnaire.

6. Attendance of monthly team meetings are encouraged. Reminder email/text will be sent regarding dates, place and times.

7. All participants must be 16 years or older, unless traveling with a 

parent or legal guardian. All participants 16-18 must have a notarized authorization form to travel overseas (see website for forms).

8. All participants must be willing to be flexible, accountable and respectful to all volunteers (both domestic and foreign) and be willing to submit to those in leadership of each ministry.

Cost Timeline and Deadline Dates


$2,800.00 Cost- 

February 18, 2018-Deposit and all required paperwork

March 18, 2018- $1,600.00 due for purchase of international ticket

$2,900.00 Cost-

March 18, 2018- Deposit, and all required paperwork

May 13, 2018- $1,700.00 due for purchase of international ticket

$3,000.00 Cost-

April 15, 2018- Deposit and all required paperwork
June 3, 2018- $1,800.00 due for purchase of international ticket


****All international tickets will be purchased based on the above deadline dates. Remaining balance of funds are due by June 22 in order to receive tax-deductible accounting. After June 22, only cash payments will be accepted and tax deduction accounting is not guaranteed.

Missions Statement of ER

As our website states, we are a nonprofit missions organization with a desire to embrace and encourage the body of Christ and to reach people with the love of God. At the heart of every event and ministry sponsored by Embrace and Reach International is a desire to extend God’s grace, love and care to those in need and to those who volunteer their time and talents. While we are respectful of the cultures in which we serve and also the diversity of the people who serve with us, our required guidelines are meant to fully disclose and make aware to all volunteers the expectations of character and behavior while serving on our overseas missions outreach. Our ultimate desire is to see each individual grow in their knowledge and personal relationship with the God who loves and has created them.

Dates of Meetings and Training Seminar:



January 14 at New Hope Church- Gilroy;

January 28 at Tracy Foursquare - Tracy


*Possible orientation -

January 19/20 at Canoy residence in Morgan Hill- TBA

-Monthly Meetings:

February 4

March 4

April 15 

May 20

(place and times TBA by email/text)


-Outreach Training Seminar:

June 22 (evening only) and June 23 (all day)

* Place and times TBA


Medical and Health Recommendations:

- Tdap (whooping cough vaccine within the last 5-10 years)
- Hepatitis B Vaccine (is a series of 3 shots)
- TB testing status
- Boost your immune system- rest, diet, exercise, Vitamins, etc
- Hydration (consider purchase of “Life Straw” water bottle for travel)
- Seek Medical Physician for any medical recommendations at least 1 month prior to travel- Update any medical changes to your outreach leaders within one week of departure**

- Mosquito Repellent

(to be discussed in more detail during the training seminar)
- Malaria Tablets (consult your personal medical physician)
- Purchase of basic international travel insurance is included in your outreach costs, however coverage may be limited according to your personal needs at the time of any occurrence.

2018 Outreach Leadership Personnel Contact Information:


Director and Coordinator:

Pastor Jun Canoy (408) 393-6942; ejcanoy@gmail.com



Candy Gayares (209) 814-2125; candyg912@sbcglobal.net


Administration/Medical Ministry Coordinator/Hospitality:

Lisa Canoy (408) 460-4027; J.L.embraceandreach@gmail.com


Basketball Coach:

Carl Foster (510) 520-1926; carl_foster_2000@yahoo.com


Campus Ministry:

Renee Wynia (408) 978-2082; renee@wynia.com


Campus Ministry Assistant:

Nate Evanko (623)696-6415; forgiven1981.ne@gmail.com


Communications/Admin. Assist:

Jonathan Dollaga (510) 931-9946; dj1278@yahoo.com


Prayer Coordinator:

Stan Evanko; evankosk0773@gmail.com


Logistical Support :

Pastor Nick and Rita Castro (209) 914-8331;nickc77@sbcglobal.net



Gary Cates (408) 833-2718; cates1554@yahoo.com


Hula Dance:

Debra Padaong; padaong@sbcglobal.net



Pastor Lamont Leonard ; lamont5645@yahoo.com


Children’s Medical Ministry:

Alleatha Bell; delta8_1983@yahoo.com