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Orientation for Philippines Mission Outreach 2017

Dates : June 30-July 16, 2017

Place: La Union, Baguio and Pangasinan Luzon, Philippines

COST: $2,800.00 - $3,000.00*


Cost is variable with timing of international airline ticket purchase; see timeline below


**All deposits are non-refundable and Application and signed Guidelines for Outreach Participants must accompanying the $100.00 deposit to be considered complete!

$2,800.00 Timeline Deadline Dates:

February 12, 2017: $100.00 Deposit with Application and Guidelines

April 16, 2017: $1,600.00 (in addition to the deposit) covers airfare in full


$2,900.00 Timeline Deadline Dates:

March 12,2017: $100.00 Deposit with Application and Guidelines

May 21, 2017: $1,700.00 (in addition to the deposit) covers airfare in full


$3,000.00 Timeline Deadline Dates:

April 16, 2017: $100.00 Deposit with Application and Guidelines

June 4, 2017: $1,800.00 Deposit with Application and Guidelines


**International airline tickets will be purchased based on the above deadlines dates. Remaining balance of $1,100.00 is due June 18, to receive tax-deductible accounting. After June 18 cash only and may not guarantee tax-deduction.


Love Jesus; Love people; Be willing to be flexible, accountable, 

responsible and a willingness to submit to authority.


Participants who are 16-18 years old must have notarized authorization forms signed by parents/guardians.


Participants below 16 years old must be accompanied by parent or guardian


-Current email and required response to the first team email

-Current Passport, Current Application and signed Guidelines/Policy, Registration fee

-Medical and Liability Waiver Release forms turned in to Lisa Canoy prior to mandatory training (by June 4)

-Attend Mandatory Training Meeting June 9 and 10 (place TBA)

-Monthly Team Meetings (must attend by skype or in person at least 2 )

-Dates of Meetings are as follows:

  Orientations Jan 8 (Vallejo) Jan 21 (Tracey) Jan 22 (Gilroy)

  February 5 ; March 5; April 2; May 7 (places and times TBA)

-Regular Prayer and Quiet Times

Medical Recommendations: (not required but recommended)

  • Tdap (whooping cough) vaccine within the last 5-10 years

  • Hepatitis B Vaccine (which is a series of 3 shots)

  • TB testing status :know your negative/positive before leaving and retest w/in 3 months of returning from any foreign developing nation

  • Boost your immune system- rest, diet, exercise, Vitamins, garlic

  • Hydration: Consider purchasing "Life Straw"

  • Seek Medical Physician for any recommended antibiotics and shots for travel according to your medical history

  • Mosquito Repellent/Permethian Repellent for Clothing (to be further discussed at the mandatory training meeting June 10)

  • Malaria tablets (consult with your personal medical physician)

Contact Personnel:


Jun Canoy (408)393-6942; ejcanoy@gmail.com

-Accountant/Basketball Coach:

Lawrence Crawford  (408)706-0087  homecoach@mcelitebasketball.com


Lisa Canoy (408)460-4027; J.L.embraceandreach@gmail.com

-Website/IT/Idaho Contact:

Nate Evanko (623)696-6415; forgiven1981.ne@gmail.com

-Campus Ministry:

Renee Wynia; renee@wynia.com


Jonathan Dollaga (510) 931-9946; dj12782yahoo.com

-Prayer Coordinators:

Cynthia Coates; cyncoa@gmail.com

Stan Evanko;

-Pastoral Care:

Pastor Nick and Rita Castro (209)914-8331; nickc77@sbcglobal.net

-Jail/Prison: Gary Cates; cates1554@yahoo.com

-Police/Military: Pastor Nelson Dizon; pastornelsondiz@aol.com

-Performing Arts: Debra Padaong; padaong@sbcglobal.net

Renee Wynia- see above

Lisa Canoy- see above

-Worship: TBA