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To be a member of an overseas outreach with Embrace and Reach all volunteers must read and comply with the following guidelines.

A signed copy of these guidelines must be turned in with your Volunteer Application and Registration Fee prior to the purchase of an international ticket. Specific policy and procedure guidelines for each ministry service area will be reviewed in detail by each specific ministry team leader during the mandatory training meeting and overseas cross cultural orientation meeting.


General Guidelines:


  1. Be willing to actively raise funding for yourself and assist with fundraising events for outreach expenses (i.e. Medical clinic, basketball clinic, etc)

  2. Be polite, tolerant, respectful, professional and flexible during the preparation phase and outreach; be willing to abide by the general purpose and mission of Embrace and Reach which is to encourage and serve the body of Christ locally and abroad and to share the love of Christ with those in need. This includes being aware that serving in an overseas location may present challenges inclusive of but not limited to unusual weather changes, insects, hygiene facilities, logistical and communication limitation, personal space and security restrictions, differing health and religious beliefs and practices, and other cross-cultural differences in the hosting nation.

  3. Out of respect for the hosting nation and at times delicate ministry environment, be aware that your speech and dress attire should be respectful, non-offensive; no demeaning speech or clothing slogans. Your dress attire should be modest, no plunging neck or back lines, no sleeveless shirts; shorts and skirts must be at knee length or below. Nice dress attire will be required at certain ministry events and areas, so plan to bring at least one pair of nice pant/slacks and/or skirt/dress, one pair of dress shoes and one pair of closed toed shoes. IN ADDITION, WHILE PARTICIPATING IN OVERSEAS OUTREACHES WITH EMBRACE AND REACH, WE RESPECTFULLY REQUEST THAT YOU ABSTAIN FROM ALL CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES AND NON-PRESCRIPTION DRUGS OR SUBSTANCES. (THIS POLICY IS MOTIVATED OUT OF RESPECT FOR CULTURAL DIFFERENCE OF THOSE WE WILL BE SERVING WITH AND THOSE WHO WE WILL SERVE).

  4. Be willing to be a team player, working in whatever capacity you are asked by your team leader (the leadership team will take into consideration and try to meet all personal preferences, requests, expertise/talent areas of each volunteer as much as possible while on outreach, keeping in mind that our goal as leaders is to help you grow personally and spiritually).

  5. Commit to being present and active in the ministry area where you are volunteering. Maintain a positive attitude and be open minded to see this time as a learning experience. (Remember the more you actively involve yourself in the work of this ministry, the more you will see growth and change in your own life).

  6. Be willing to have an attitude of humility, respect, servanthood and submit to your leadership team both U.S. and foreign. Please take your assignments for each days ministry from your team leader and if you have a concerns/requests please consult with your team leaders. Your team leaders have been placed in authority by the board members of Embrace and Reach due to their experience overseas, their personal walk with the Lord and their leadership qualities and willingness to serve. Their greatest desire is to see other's grow in their relationship with the Lord and see Him glorified. 

  7. Never travel alone or leave your ministry group. If you have an urgent need, you must communicate directly to your ministry team leader in order to make arrangements to meet your urgent needs(informing just another member of the team will not be considered acceptable notification).   For any medical emergencies please contact the medical team leader and/or Pastoral Care team leader. THIS IS FOR YOUR SAFETY. COMPLIANCE IS MANDATORY. 

  8. FOR YOUR SAFETY AND OUT OF RESPECT FOR THE REST/HEALTH OF ALL U.S. EMBRACE AND REACH VOLUNTEERS, WE RESPECTFULLY REQUEST THAT YOU BE IN THE “SAFE ZONE”  AS DESIGNATED DURING THE OVERSEAS ORIENTATION BY 12 MIDNIGHT (“safe zones” are considered area’s within or around the property of the team hotel/place of domain and will be discussed in greater detail upon arrival to the outreach destination)

  9. Be at the departure location for your ministry area on time each day. If you are unsure of where/what time to meet please contact your ministry leader. Also, please be aware that schedule changes may be beyond the control of your team leader/director due to weather, transportation, host country challenges or safety concerns.

  10. Let your ministry team leader know in advance (at least by the evening before the scheduled ministry) if you are planning on joining a different ministry for the next day. 

  11. During personal ministry times (at schools, counseling at the medical clinics, church services, etc) generally speaking females are to pray for females and males are to pray for males.

  12. If requested be willing to share a 3-5 minute testimony (this will be discussed in more detail at the mandatory training meeting)

  13. BE AWARE THAT EACH CULTURE AND COUNTRY HAS MULTIPLE RELIGIOUS AND SPIRITUAL PRACTICES AND NUANCES AND AS SUCH THE MESSAGE OF THE GOSPEL WE SHARE SHOULD HAVE UNITY AROUND THE BASIC PREMISE  THAT SALVATION IS BY GRACE THROUGH FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST ALONE. The emphasis should be on God's love and grace and on a daily relationship with Jesus Christ as based on Ephesians 2:8-9 "For by grace are you saved, through faith and that not of works, it is the gift of God lest any man should boast". It is only through the death and resurrection of Jesus that one can be saved, pointing to relationship with Jesus as a gift that can readily be accessed by any one who repents from their sins, confesses with their mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and Believes in their heart that God has raised Him from the dead and places Him as Lord of their life. John 14:6;Romans 10:9; John 1:12). We understand that each volunteer comes from a different background, but in the spirit of unity we ask that all those who share the gospel refrain from preaching/teaching doctrinal theology, using religious jargon/terminology, specific church culture or any other references of judgement or condemnation. (More details on sharing the gospel overseas will be discussed at the mandatory training meeting and orientations).

  14.   For your safety please do not exchange emails, addresses, phone numbers with  people you meet in the hosting nation. If you feel  a deep need to exchange this information please be advised to speak with your team leader first.

  15. While on this outreach, your focus is expected to be on serving those on your team, serving as a member of an Embrace and Reach outreach and serving individuals in the host nation. All other personal agenda's, reasons for travel to the host nation and/or other personal relationships with fellow team members (with the exception of married couples who are serving on the team) will be refrained from during the overseas outreach. If you have a desire to stay in the hosting nation after the outreach is concluded, personal travel, lodging and all expenses arrangements must be made by you in advance of the outreach. Expenses for any extended stays after the outreach is the responsibility of the individual.

  16. Your fellow team members all come from different backgrounds, have different points of reference and experiences and cultural and church backgrounds. So please keep this in mind. With regards to conflict resolution, difficulties or challenges with other team members (both U.S. and foreign) we follow the biblical example which is in an attitude of humility, forbearance and forgiveness. Please attempt to respectfully go directly to the person in conflict and discuss the issue at hand. If you are unable to resolve an issue/restore peace please approach your ministry team leader and/or the Pastoral Care team leader to intervene. If there continues to be unresolved conflict/difficulties please approach the Director. After careful prayer and consideration by the Director and the board members of Embrace and Reach all decisions for any action that must be taken are final.