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Sponsoring Opportunities

Since we began this ministry it has been our desire to share God’s love and serve those who are less fortunate due to poverty, calamity, crisis, or status.


Over the years we have diversified and expanded the ways in which we serve these communities of people and have witnessed a lasting change, improvement in living conditions and brought hope to thousands of people in impoverished areas.

Presently, we are focusing on these areas of ministry:

1.) Feeding to the poor 

2.) Construction of clean water wells 

3.) Medical and Dental clinics

4.) Basketball sports clinics for youth 

5.) Hygiene kits to women/children in shelters and prison inmates 


We welcome donations to support any of the following projects to allow us to reach more people.

Check Donations can be made directly to Embrace and Reach International at our website address.


Our feeding projects include immediate food relief to those affected by natural disasters (typhoons

and earthquakes which are prevalent in this region of the world) providing basic food items to those effected by loss of life, homes, farms, and livelihood. When greater finances are available, we are able to be more proactive during our 2-week summer outreaches, feeding thousands of people a hot meal and giving additional groceries to those who visit our free medical/dental clinics and to orphanages and women’s and children’s shelters.


In 2012 we saw an opportunity to reach entire communities with the love of God through the medium of sports. We sponsor citywide Goodwill Friendship games between our US semi-professional players and the local professional players within the host country. This opens doors to continue all our humanitarian projects throughout a given community. In addition, we sponsor youth basketball skills camps which support efforts of the local city to reach the youth in building character, confidence, and

responsibility. We have received the full endorsement and welcome from multiple government officials in our host nation which has led to further open doors of this ministry.


For the past 5 years, we have expanded our humanitarian efforts to include the construction of clean water wells in impoverished communities, providing access to clean drinking water to 300-500 families in each location.

This not only has a long-term health benefit for thousands but also

stimulates community growth and well being. Construction of each water well costs approximately



Our hygiene kits are designed to meet basic human needs of new mothers, children, and prison inmate. Items needed are basic sanitary pads, small (2-3 oz) individually sized soaps, shampoos, conditioners, deodorant, lotion, alcohol-based hand sanitizer, bar clothing soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, socks, combs, and first aid items. If funds permit we also purchase individual rubber sandals for prison inmates. If you are interested in donating any of these items please contact us at our website J.L.embraceandreach.org to arrange a drop off time to our local address.


Since 2004 we have been offering free medical and dental services to thousands of people who otherwise could not afford a physicians exam or medicine. As is common in hot and humid climates and developing nations, infectious disease and malnutrition are rampant. Patients who are serviced at our clinics receive a physician’s exam, diagnosis, treatment and free medicine and clothing.

Each patient also receives much-needed health, education, prayer, and spiritual

/emotional support. 

We coordinate our efforts with indigenous physicians, social services, and the public health department for the purpose of improving long-term community health and awareness.


Over the past two years, we have served 5,000-7,000 patients each outreach.

Each medical/dental clinic costs approximately $3,000.00 which covers the purchase of medicines and medical supplies; dental equipment; facilities usage fees; transportation and feeding of our local volunteers.